Your Ultimate Guide to Landscape Lighting

When done right, landscape lighting can make your yard look first-rate. It can give your outdoor space character, especially at night when it can look like a slice of heaven in the right lighting. It can also highlight your home’s architectural features and draw attention to your kempt shrubs and trees.

The effects landscape lighting can achieve are endless, and to create a pleasing lighting scheme, all you need to do is let your creative juices flow. Here are some things you need to know when installing landscape lighting:

What Needs to be Highlighted?

Your custom landscape lighting should draw attention to unique elements such as a swing, a fountain, or an arbor. By aiming two or more lights at your focal points, crossing beams are formed, which reduce harsh shadows that otherwise form when only one beam shines on an object.

How Much Upkeep Does it Need?

The upkeep of landscape lighting is relatively easy. Remember to keep fixtures free of leaves and debris to prevent overheating. Replace burned-out bulbs at once to save others on the circuit from voltage overloads.

How Long Will They Last?

Fixtures and transformers come with warranties that range from one to 10 years. Fixtures made of copper, brass, or stainless steel are expected to last longer.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

If you have a bit of electrical savvy, you should be able to assemble a simple system over a weekend. If you wish to create sophisticated effects, enlist a landscape lighting company like Vernon Daniel Associates. We are well acquainted with various lighting fixtures and the best ways to put them together to truly make your home stand out.

We have been in the business of designing and installing custom landscape illumination systems for more than 40 years. Our specialty is bringing your outdoor space to life at night through beautiful landscape lighting.

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