You’ll Love These Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your New Home

Moving houses can be exciting. You have the opportunity to redesign the home to suit your tastes, needs, and performance requirements.

If you’ve redecorated your interiors and yet the property is still looking bare and bland, try replacing the landscape lighting fixtures. They can help wake up your home’s exteriors and give it a pop of personality.

You have to be careful about choosing designs and products though. You want residential landscape lighting that’s both appealing and long-lasting.

Vernon Daniel Associates understands this, that’s why we take time to listen to your specific home, lighting, and landscape needs. Our design experts, architects, and installers work together to come up with ideas and solutions that will make your home experience much better. You’ll love these bright ideas for your new home.

Design that suits your lifestyle

Is your new home in a narrow lot? We understand that you may have neighbors who don’t want light spilling on to their properties. For this particular situation, we use fully adjustable light fixtures. These have glare control shields that our crews use to manage the brightness and direct light precisely into fixed spots in the landscape, away from your neighbor’s house.

Design that will protect your landscaping investments

We’ve worked with landscapes of several sizes, shapes, and features, so styling for your new home shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a small garden you want to illuminate, for example, we’ll position lighting fixtures so they highlight an accent tree, shrubbery, or statue, creating the impression of openness. You don’t want to flood the whole garden with light though, as that will only emphasize the small space.

Design that will make the outdoors safer at night

Lastly, landscape lighting isn’t just for show. They have a practical purpose too. For better outdoor security for your new home, it’s important that the lighting used on your garden won’t fail quickly. Vernon Daniel Associates uses long-lasting and energy-efficient light fixtures to keep your garden or front lawn safer for family and guests to navigate at night. If you have lamps that are past their prime, we will replace them with better quality ones and help you keep them in excellent condition.

Vernon Daniel Associates offers exceptional quality custom landscape lighting services for residential and commercial properties. Got questions for us? Call us at (866) 304-3002 to schedule a design consultation.