Vernon Daniel Associates: Types of Outdoor Lighting

Lighting on your outdoor spaces, especially your garden and landscaping, will definitely make your home look more attractive at night. Though the purpose of illuminating your prized garden is primarily to improve your garden’s aesthetic appeal, it can actually do more for your comfort, safety, and security.


There are different types of outdoor lighting, and each one offers different effects not just on your landscape’s appearance, but also in the overall mood of your surroundings. To help you out decide what type of lighting to put in your property, Vernon Daniel Associates, the experts on custom landscape lighting in the US, lists the different types of lighting we offer:

1. Garden

We provide this service to reflect light or highlight a particular part of a garden. These include the plant beds and pathway.

2. Wash

We can help brighten up flat facades, fences, and walls though our residential landscape lighting. We throw out a soft, diffused light to create that calming effect or mood in certain parts of your exteriors.

3. Bullet

We feature a narrow beam of a more concentrated light than wash lights. It is often used to focus on house features, trees, and other garden structures.

4. Well

This type of lighting fixture is often buried in the ground. It is commonly used to illuminate the underside of a tree foliage. This creates a calming mood around where the illuminated trees are.

5. Downlight

The exact opposite of a well light, we can place downlights high on trunks and branches of a tree. These are usually aimed towards lawns and paths.

6. Flood

This type is a bit like a bullet light, but the only difference is it throws out a wider beam. It is typically used to illuminate the main house’s façade or it can be used to highlight tall trees.

If you’re still having a hard time planning your outdoor lighting, you can always consult the top professional outdoor landscape lighting company: Vernon Daniel Associates. For more than forty years, we have been providing high-quality commercial and residential exterior lighting for homes, estates, country clubs, resorts, and other buildings all over the US.

Enhance your home’s exterior with landscape lighting. Call Vernon Daniel Associates today to know more about our company, products, and services.