Top 3 Benefits of Exterior Lighting for Special Events

Lighting adds life to an event and defines its ambiance. Proper lighting helps aims the spotlight at the individual being honored in a special gathering, such as the birthday celebrant or the newlywed couple. It also keeps landscape areas secure as guests wander and gather around.

Are you celebrating a special occasion or hosting an event soon? Here are some benefits of exterior landscape lighting for such events:

1. Fitting ambiance. Custom landscape lighting helps set the atmosphere of any event. The color, intensity, and even the movement of lights are integrated to produce a certain mood. Dim and low lights create a laid-back and tranquil feel in a wedding reception, while bright colorful lights bring a festive vibe in a birthday celebration.

2. Functionality and flexibility. A bright light directed at the “star” of the event does a better job at attracting the attention of the audience. A beam creates anticipation and excitement and, at the same time, draws more focus to a particular person or occurrence.

3. Safety of guests. Proper lighting is essential in outdoor night events to guarantee the safety of guests. Well-lit entrance and exit walkways and driveways ensure that visitors and vehicles can pass through safe and sound. Proper lighting prevents tripping and sliding hazards. Ample light at drop-offs, stairs, pools, and downhill and uphill points are necessary to guarantee the guests’ safety and prevent accidents.

Vernon Daniel Associates, a commercial and residential landscape lighting company, offers custom lighting that can enhance the ambiance of any event—from birthday parties to wedding receptions to graduation ceremonies. We are experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of top-quality energy-efficient LED lighting technology. Our professional lighting designers can make a yard or patio fully functional and attractive to meet the client’s requirements and satisfaction.

We can help make your residential or commercial landscape more beautiful, efficient, and safe for any outdoor event. Call us today at 866-304-3002 for more information on how we can enhance your exterior.