The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Landscape Lighting (Plus Project Update)

We at Vernon Daniel recently did a successful custom landscape lighting project to the home of one of our valued clients. We would like to showcase how outdoor lighting highlights the architectural style and elements of a house.

Basically, it adds emphasis to your already beautiful landscape and to your well-selected plants and ornaments. Professionally installed residential exterior lighting adds elegance to your home. More importantly, you are investing on your safety and security.

Our team effectively adhered to the specifics that our client wants to achieve. Let us look into our recently completed lighting system project.

Lighting System ProjectAesthetic Appeal While Ensuring Safety and Security

The primary benefit of exterior lighting is the enhancement of your home’s exterior appearance. A house can definitely standout in the neighborhood when lights are positioned and focused properly to its architectural elements. The illumination makes it stand out as it boosts up its curb appeal at night.

Also, a well-lit yard makes it harder to break in to your home. An intruder would be hesitant to get in to your property, as hiding spots are hardly present in a well-lit landscape. When choosing the right place and position for the lights, consider all the entrance and exit point, as well as the darkest areas of the yard.

Exterior LightingUtmost Utility

Your guests would also feel safe as they enter your house. In addition, potential accidents in your stairs, pool, and drop-off could be prevented. LED tree lighting brightens walkway and driveway, which allows visitors to navigate safely. It also creates shadow patterns that make it pleasing for an evening walk.

LED Tree LightingEntertainment Area

Landscape lighting makes outdoor spaces more functional from day to night. Outdoor dining with your family would be more enjoyable with proper lighting. Late-night conversations over coffee can also be more enjoyable outdoor with the touch of breezy air. You can also create an inviting ambiance for night parties in your garden.

About Vernon Daniel

Vernon Daniel as a landscape lighting company has been transforming properties from dimness to an appealing beauty for 40 years now. We have been designing and installing custom landscape illumination systems that highlight the architectural elements of houses and landscape properties.

Our up-to-date outdoor lighting systems do not only provide clients with fine-looking garden scenes but also adds to their safety and security. Our high quality energy efficient lamps provides years of trouble-free outdoor enjoyment. We are also introducing our specially designed LED tree lighting that provides a clear path for driveways.

Are you looking for landscape lighting companies that can ensure you maximize the benefits of exterior lighting? Contact us and we’ll show you our portfolio of well-designed landscape properties. We’ll provide you with fitting options for your needs, expectations, and budget. Residential exterior lighting is a smart investment, as it doesn’t only add to the curb appeal of your home; it also increases its resale value.

Knowing the benefits of outdoor lighting will help you decide on what is best suitable for your home.

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