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An attractive building may be eye-catching during the day, but it can get all but lost in the darkness when the sun goes down. Custom landscape lighting will not only illuminate your residential or commercial property during the evening hours, but can beautifully transform its exterior appearance.


Here at Vernon Daniel Associates, this has been our mission for 40 years and counting. We create extraordinary landscape lighting design specific to each property, verify the system installation is performed precisely and on schedule, and ensure that future system maintenance is performed promptly and thoroughly. We primarily design landscape lighting for properties throughout the East Coast; however, we proudly serve clients nationwide. Many of our clients are located in Virginia, including Great Falls, McLean, and Oakton.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Design

Sadly, many homeowners consider residential landscape lighting an afterthought. Others may consider it only after being offered an add-on service by a company that sells many different types of landscaping packages. However, you may not be maximizing your property’s true potential with this option. Even a very simple lighting design performed by a dedicated landscape lighting professional can truly breathe new life into your home at night. This may be a far better investment than a design that a company that does not specialize in landscape lighting can offer you.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Design

Commercial lighting is important for several different reasons. For starters, it is a great way to help advertise your company name or logo at night. Some buildings are lit at night, but many more are not. If you help yours stand out from the rest, it may encourage customers and potential customers to remember you in the future. Here are some additional benefits:

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