McLean, VA Landscape Lighting Experts

It’s not difficult to spend a considerable sum of money on a landscaping project, especially if your property is extensive and you landscape all of it. However, when the sun goes down, it’s not possible to see and enjoy the landscaping you have invested so much time and money in. Vernon Daniel Associates is a landscape lighting company that provides landscape illumination for residential and commercial properties in McLean, VA, allowing you to relax comfortably in the outdoor living spaces you have created.

About Vernon Daniel Associates

Vernon Daniel Associates was founded over 40 years ago and has been providing custom landscape lighting in McLean, VA and in a number of other eastern cities ever since. While we are based on the east coast, we also provide services for property owners all over the country.


When it comes to residential or commercial landscape lighting in McLean, VA, Vernon Daniel Associates has a reputation you can trust. In fact, we are the outdoor landscape lighting authorities, a title that that is not self-proclaimed, but rather one that we were given by other industry professionals and skilled tradesmen. We provide aesthetic exterior illumination, bringing landscaping elements to life during the dark nighttime hours.

We Do Things Differently

Landscape companies come and go, but Vernon Daniel Associates has been around for more than 40 years and will remain in business for many more years to come. Several times each week we get phone calls from people who have had exterior lighting installed by other landscape lighting companies that have gone out of business. Often they turn to us in desperation, looking for a company that knows landscape lighting inside and out. Fortunately, when you work with Vernon Daniel Associates, we have the skills and knowledge to provide the outdoor lighting services you are seeking.

Add Custom Landscape Lighting in McLean, VA to your Home or Commercial Property

Residential and commercial landscape lighting in McLean, VA can make a big difference in the overall look and appeal of your property. Call us today at 800 477-3210 to schedule a consultation or complete our convenient online lighting consultation request form.