Vernon Daniel Associates: Residential Exterior Lighting Design With Artistry

Adding light to your property is an excellent way to increase the security of your home, and can serve more than practical purposes as well. Proper light design can turn your home and gardens into art. Vernon Daniel Associates specializes in residential exterior lighting design that creates a gorgeous illumination of your property while providing the safety of a well-lit home.

Artistry That Enhances Your Property

Any landscape lighting company can offer you exterior illumination that create safe pathways around your home and keep your entryways secure. The design techniques we use at Vernon Daniel Associates not only address your practical concerns, but also your aesthetic ideals. Our landscape lighting designers are artists as well as experts in the technical aspects of design. We can customize a plan that highlights the colors, textures, masonry and architecture of your home and gardens.


We work with you to create a design with artistry:

Excellent Customer Service

Vernon Daniel Associates has been using outdoor lighting design to create beautiful, safe outdoor spaces for homes in the Arlington, Fairfax and Leesburg, VA area for more than 40 years. We have perfected exterior lighting to bring you beautiful and practical landscape illumination designs with customer service you will appreciate.


We want you to be able to enjoy your beautiful outdoor lighting for years to come:


Our employees maintain all of our design and installation work.

Our team will find the best design for your unique home, and we can begin work before you plan your garden or even work directly with your landscape designer.

Learn More About the Artistic Possibilities of Lighting Design

Vernon Daniel Associates can enhance the splendor of your home’s exterior. We also can create beautiful spaces for your business through our commercial landscape lighting designs. Contact us today to learn more by calling 800 477-3210 or by completing our convenient online lighting consultation request form.