Enhance Your Property with Landscape Lighting in Greenwich, CT

Landscape illumination with custom landscape lighting from Vernon Daniel Associates brings beauty, safety and security to your property. It is within these lit areas that you can relax in the quiet of the evening and entertain family and friends in the outdoor areas that serve as extensions of your home. We provide both residential and commercial landscape lighting in Greenwich, CT, bringing properties to life at night that would otherwise remain dull and dark.

About Vernon Daniel Associates is the Landscape Lighting Leader in Greenwich CT

At Vernon Daniel Associates, we have been installing, designing and maintaining commercial and residential outdoor lighting in Greenwich, CT for over 40 years. Over the years we have garnered the attention of columnists and have been featured in periodicals and magazines like these:

In addition to gaining attention from media sources, our residential and commercial landscape lighting projects in Greenwich, CT has increased substantially. In fact, we work all along the east coast from Florida to Maine as well as in states outside the eastern seaboard.

Residential Exterior Lighting in Greenwich, CT

If you have spared no expense in the design and installation of your residential landscape, there is one thing that may be worth considering yet. Residential exterior lighting provides stunning beauty and enhances the charm that already exists outside your home. It accentuates favorite outdoor landscape and architectural features like these:

At Vernon Daniel Associates, we bring your property to life at night—property that would otherwise go unnoticed and unseen in the dark void of night.

Commercial Landscape Lighting in Greenwich, CT

Commercial property can also benefit from outdoor lighting systems. Whether you need illumination in parking lots, driveways, along sidewalks, near entryways and exits we can design and install these systems. They can provide increased safety and security along with enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

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