Landscape Lighting in Great Neck, NY at its Very Finest

When you build or purchase a residence or commercial property, there are a number of considerations to be mindful of. Because the very first impression that your property makes to the outside world is its exterior, it’s important to budget for and include comprehensive landscaping, including residential and commercial landscape lighting in Great Neck, NY. Outdoor lighting improves the overall appearance, enhances specific landscaping elements and provides safe navigation for visitors. Vernon Daniel Associates is a landscape lighting company in Great Neck, NY and can provide exceptional design, skilled installation and responsive maintenance service.

About Vernon Daniel Associates

For over 40 years, Vernon Daniel Associates has specialized in the custom design and installation of high quality landscape lighting systems. In addition to providing thousands of clients along the east coast with impeccable design and impressive installation services, we also have clients across the entire country. For the very best landscape lighting company in Great Neck, NY, trust Vernon Daniel Associates.

Commercial Landscape Lighting in Great Neck, NY

Property ownership comes with a myriad of responsibilities. For one that is commercial in nature, it’s important to provide tenants, potential buyers, customers and other patrons with adequate outdoor lighting when it’s dark outside. This includes providing illumination in the following areas:

With proper landscape illumination, a commercial property not only improves in appearance at night, it also increases in safety.

Residential Landscape Lighting in Great Neck, NY

Investing in landscaping can have a considerable price tag associated with it, but the very landscaping elements that you paid for go unnoticed and unappreciated when it’s dark. Landscape lighting provides a way for you to enjoy your property, including the grounds, even on the darkest nights. Enhance your entire property or accentuate your favorite landscape or architectural elements, which may include:

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