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If you have spared no expense in landscaping your home or commercial property, chances are the investment was considerable. You may have exquisite architectural features on the façade of your home or building or interesting landscape elements such as reflection pools, prized gardens and quaint walking paths. Of course these are all appealing and attractive features to include in landscape design, but when night falls and no natural light exists to illuminate these areas you cannot see to enjoy them. At Vernon Daniel Associates, we design, install and maintain custom landscape lighting in Alpine, NJ so you can enjoy all your property has to offer regardless of the rising and setting of the sun.

Landscape Illumination with Vernon Daniel Associates

Vernon Daniel Associates was founded over 40 years ago. We started delivering exceptional commercial and residential landscape lighting in Alpine, NJ including design, installation and lighting maintenance services that didn’t go unnoticed. Over the years industry leaders and columnists have taken note of our company and the way we enhance and add beauty to properties. As a result, we are often asked to contribute to magazine and newspapers including the following:

Positive exposure in the news along with providing the very best custom landscape lighting in Alpine, NJ has helped us grow our business and extend our offerings throughout the entire east coast.

Residential Landscape Lighting in Alpine, NJ

Adding subtle landscape lighting to a residential home and its grounds can make a huge difference in terms of overall appearance and appeal. Landscape features that were designed to be an extension of your interior living space cannot function as such in the nighttime without proper lighting. Vernon Daniel Associates has years and years of experience designing, installing and maintaining the outdoor lighting systems that would provide beautiful illumination to these spaces.


Outdoor areas that you may want to consider adding custom landscape and architectural lighting in Alpine, NJ to include:

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