Custom Landscape Lighting for Any Property by Design and Installation Experts

Our team of residential exterior lighting experts at Vernon Daniel Associates is dedicated to finding the most elegant and functional solution to illuminating your landscape. We are a landscape lighting company with more than 40 years experience helping clients in the Northeast, including those in the Watchung, Berkeley Heights and Warren, NJ area. Our designers are able to find a custom landscape lighting strategy that works for the most expansive properties and the most intimate gardens.

Enhancing Any Garden or Lawn With Light

No two landscape designs plans should be alike. Our design team at Vernon Daniel Associates customizes each outdoor lighting solution after careful consideration of each landscape feature, including size, outdoor structures, statues, flower beds, walkways, trees and the wishes of the client. We believe that creating a beautiful night view of your home should reflect your desires and enhance your gardens:

  • Our designers have the skills to find the proper intensity for large trees, outdoor gathering areas or small gardens. While large plants and structures require strong lighting, smaller areas are often too bright, taking away the charm and details of the setting.
  • We can find the solution for your lawn that does not spill over onto your neighbor’s property. We can adjust the highlighted areas, and we use special fixtures with glare control shields.
  • Our team can add also add safety illumination that works for your property. We have experience adding light to small patches of foliage around townhouse windows and covering remote walkways and lawns on the edges of large properties.

We have successfully illuminated the unique features of urban, suburban and rural New Jersey properties. Our designs are installed by our company’s specialists. We never hire subcontractors. Our team also maintains your lighting so that your home continues to shine day and night.

Learn More About Highlighting Your Unique Property

Vernon Daniel Associates adds customized landscape illumination to your home that enhances the unique features of your lawn. To speak with a professional about residential or commercial outdoor landscape lighting, contact Vernon Daniel Associates today by calling 800 477-3210, or simply complete our online lighting consultation request form.