Exceptional Design and Installation with a Scarsdale, NY Landscape Lighting Company

scarsdaleWhile it might not be the first expense that a new property owner plans for, custom landscape lighting in Scarsdale, NY provides stunning landscape illumination to an otherwise dull landscape that is definitely worth considering. In addition to enhancing and beautifying a property, landscape lighting also serves a functional role deterring trespassers, improving a person’s ability to navigate freely along walkways and parking lots and allows property owners to enjoy the full splendor of their landscape whenever they want to regardless of the rising and setting of the sun.

Vernon Daniel Associates: Who We Are

Vernon Daniel Associates is a Scarsdale, NY landscape lighting company specializing only in landscape lighting. We don’t cut grass, remove snow or install sprinkler systems. Instead, our focus is landscape lighting and because we aren’t distracted by other landscape responsibilities, we’re really good at what we do. Our focus and drive allows us to deliver exceptional results to our clients, who are homeowners commercial property owners, or the managers of country clubs and resorts. For the very best in commercial and residential landscape lighting in Scarsdale, NY, contact Vernon Daniel Associates.

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial properties have unique qualities when it comes to landscape lighting. The owner of a commercial building, for example, may require outdoor lighting in parking lots, along sidewalks, in front of entryways and at exits. In addition to illuminating the building exterior, there may be patios and other usable outdoor space that can be illuminated. Some of the reasons why a commercial property might need custom landscape lighting in Scarsdale, NY include:

  • Curb appeal
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Attractiveness
  • Increased usability of outdoor spaces

Residential Landscape Lighting in Scarsdale, NY

At Vernon Daniel Associates, we also provide expert landscape lighting for finer residential homes in Scarsdale, NY. Landscaping is typically the largest property expense aside from your home. Enjoy its beauty during the evening hours with exterior aesthetic lighting. You may consider the illumination of the following areas:

  • Home facade
  • Formal and informal gardens
  • Ponds and other water features
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Pool house or guest cottage
  • Driveways, walkways and steps
  • Entertainment areas such as patios, terraces and gazebos

Contact Us

Include commercial and residential outdoor landscape lighting in Scarsdale, NY as part of your landscape budget. It enables you to enjoy the beauty and splendor of your property during all hours of the night and day. Contact Vernon Daniel Associates at 800 477-3210 or complete our convenient online lighting consultation request form.