Illuminate Your Great Falls, VA Property

great-fallsThere are a number of reasons why you might want commercial or residential landscape lighting in Great Falls, VA. It provides illumination during the dark shroud of night that would leave your property void of both form and function. It enables you, your family and your invited guests to navigate driveways, walkways and other areas safely. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you to relax or entertain in. These reasons and more prompt people to seek out reputable Great Falls, VA custom landscape lighting companies, like Vernon Daniel Associates.

Bringing Finer Properties to Life for More than 40 Years

At Vernon Daniel Associates, we design, install and maintain residential and commercial landscape lighting in Great Falls, VA. It’s something we have done since 1972 and we plan on doing it for years and years to come. While competitive companies come and sometimes go out of business, you can rest assured that we’re not going anywhere.

We are an east coast based company with thousands of satisfied clients that range from Maine to Florida, but we also design and install large custom residential and commercial landscape lighting projects across the country.

We’re Different from Other Exterior Lighting Companies

At Vernon Daniel Associates, our unique designs are not limited by a single fixture type or style, rather we have a wide variety of materials available to us. Many of our lamps and fixtures are custom manufactured for our company to our exacting specifications. Depending on the application, the lamps used in our systems may range from 2 watts (LED) for residential properties to 1,500 watts for large commercial projects. We also use specially designed glare reduction fixtures and long life energy efficient lamps to ensure that each system performs according to the design goals.

Additionally, we want your commercial or residential landscape lighting in Great Falls, VA to operate as they were originally installed for years to come. Our top notch outdoor lighting designers and maintenance personnel are committed to providing you with the best service possible so you can have years of enjoyment from your outdoor lighting system.

Illuminate your Property Beautifully Today

We bring finer properties to life and have been doing so for more than 40 years. Illuminate your property today by contacting Vernon Daniel Associates. Schedule your complimentary initial lighting consultation by calling 800 477-3210 or by completing our convenient online lighting consultation request form.