Accentuate Your Property’s Features With Lasting, Elegant Custom Landscape Lighting

Your home and garden should shine whether the sun or the moon is in the sky. Residential landscape lighting that is hastily designed or uses subpar materials will not highlight your property’s key features. At Vernon Daniel Associates, our team of designers and installation experts make sure your outdoor lighting system accentuates your gardens and structures. Our installation and maintenance crews use only the highest quality lighting components so the beauty of your property will be illuminated for years to come.


Landscape Designs With Artistry and Durability In Mind

Vernon Daniels Associates uses a trusted team of expert designers, installers and maintenance crews with expertise in the terrain around the Baltimore area, including Columbia and Ellicott City, MD. We never use subcontractors. Our landscape illumination & lighting company has more than 40 years of experience in the field, so we have perfected the art and science of providing clients with long-lasting outdoor lighting systems:

  • We use long-life, energy-efficient LED lighting systems. LED lighting requires less maintenance and results in lower utility costs compared to traditional lighting. Many of the lamps last for five or more years.
  • Our fixtures are personalized for your property. They are painted to blend in with foliage and placed so that they are hidden from view, providing a welcoming evening setting that is natural and beautiful.
  • The design team has worked with many landscape architects to achieve our clients’ goals for their landscape. We are a flexible team that can help illuminate the beauty of your gardens working with you or your associates.

At Vernon Daniel Associates, we strive to provide each client with durable artistry. We also can add an element of safety to your design by brightening walkways, doorways, driveways or other areas that need security.


Learn More About Our Lasting Lighting Designs

You can trust Vernon Daniel Associates to transform the evening view of your property with our customized residential or commercial landscape lighting. Find out how we can provide your lawns with attractive and enduring illumination by calling us at 800 477-3210, or simply complete our online lighting consultation request form.