Selecting an Outdoor Lighting Company: Experience of Designers

Selecting an Outdoor Lighting Company: Experience of Designers.

By Tom DeMuth

tip4-imageYour investment in an exterior lighting system should only be made once. The following is a tip that will help you make an informed decision when selecting an exterior lighting company.

EXPERIENCE OF DESIGNERS. A properly designed lighting system should be custom designed according to your unique lighting needs. Does your designer have years of experience in lighting design or did he/she simply attend a one day seminar sponsored by a lighting fixture manufacturer? Did the lighting company design and install the lighting systems displayed in their brochures and on their web site or were the photographs supplied by a lighting fixture company? Ask the lighting company for a list of their recently completed lighting projects that are similar to the system proposed for your home. View these projects at night and ask yourself questions such as – Do you like the overall lighting effect? Does each lighting design creatively highlight the unique features of each property or do they all look the same? Will the proposed lighting meet your goals?