Nighttime Lighting Ideas for Your Patio, Deck, or Garden

When it comes to home improvement projects, many people only consider the way their house is going to look in the day. Unknown to them, nighttime visuals are a critical aspect of curb appeal, as well. The right use of lighting can make your patio, deck, or garden look even more alive once the sun has set.

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Deck Drama

The key to any great-looking house at night is well-executed landscape lighting. Lighting fixtures can turn your outdoor living space into a nighttime spectacle. There are many design opportunities when it comes to your deck or patio. Here are some ideas:

  • Staggered Step Lights – Increase visual appeal and safety by having your landscape lighting company install small, low-voltage fixtures on the steps leading up to your deck. Make sure the lights are staggered, though, to minimize glare.
  • Lit-up Pergolas or Archways – There’s just something so romantic about a patio bathed in lights. To achieve this look, fix individual lights all over the pergola, archway, or patio cover. Illuminate the walkway for more drama.

Expert Tip: Don’t be afraid to use different types of lighting fixtures in the same area. Doing so will give your property more character.

Moving Moonlight

Some people rely on the light from the moon to illuminate their property. That’s fine, but what happens when clouds cover the moon? For security and aesthetic reasons, never keep your house in the dark. We say, bring moonlight to your home instead. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Outdoor Art – Got sculptures or art pieces in your garden? Don’t let your nighttime visitors miss them. Use accent lights to make them stand out. Opt for recessed, downward-pointing lighting to recreate the soft, gentle shadows moonlight makes.
  • Specimen Plants – Maybe there’s a rare shrub or perfectly groomed tree you want your guests to see. Make it come alive by pointing light coming from the ground toward it. Try in-ground lights with gasketed lens to “uplight” your plant from below.

Expert Tip: Choose warm white light over rainbow hues. It’s closest to the color of moonlight. Besides, your goal is to highlight beautiful areas in your property, not create a light show.

Your home should be as beautiful at night as it is during the day. If you need help making your property come alive during nighttime, turn to one of the best landscape lighting companies in the East Coast—Vernon Daniel Associates.

We can install charming light fixtures on your home facade, garden, sculptures, archways, water features, as well as driveways and stairways. We use only energy-efficient and high-quality lamps, so you can enjoy your breathtaking property at night without worrying about rising utility costs.

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