Light Me Up: The Basics of Outdoor Lighting

So you want to install exterior lighting fixtures to boost your home’s looks? Great idea! Outdoor lighting plays a significant role in enhancing curb appeal. You can use it to turn your residential property into a nighttime showstopper without doing large-scale home remodeling work.

What’s Your Type?

It’s important to start an outdoor lighting project with a solid plan because not all lighting fixtures are the same. Further, there’s a wide array of lighting techniques for different areas and purposes. It’s important to know the most common types so you can have a better idea of what to use on your home. Here are four examples.

• Lanterns. Also called “sconces,” these are lighting fixtures often used on either side of entry doors. When choosing one, be mindful of the entryway’s proportions. To look right, lanterns shouldn’t be too small or too large.

• Floodlights. These are often used on driveways or interesting accents like stonework or specimen trees. Though these use a lower voltage than other fixtures, they can light up a large expanse of space.

• Recessed lights. These fixtures are also called “down-lights” and are very flexible design-wise. They can be installed over garage doors or decks to illuminate stairs, railings and deck furniture.

• In-ground lights. As the name suggests, these are shallowly buried in the ground and may be used to illuminate a nearby tree or structure. Lenses are mounted over them as protection from foot traffic.

Voltage Talk: High vs. Low

We advise getting the help of residential exterior lighting experts for the recommended wattages for outdoor lighting. As a general rule, you want to use 120V or lower on your lighting fixtures. Extremely bright fixtures could create glare or cast dark shadows on certain areas of your home. Both scenarios should be avoided for security reasons. Remember: safety before beauty!

When it comes to planning and installing outdoor fixtures for your home, trust only Vernon Daniel Associates. We use safe LED lighting systems for maximum beauty, energy efficiency and security. We’re the only professionals you’ll need for a lighting project! Call (866) 304-3002 today for a complimentary consultation.