Landscape Lighting Tips: Make the Most of the Outdoors

Lighting adds character and elegance to your outdoors, which can make your al fresco dining more enticing. It can accentuate your beautiful plants, highlight your pool area, and keep your guests safe as they cross your walkway.

There are many landscape lighting options available today and choosing the right selection for your home can be tricky. To help you, Vernon Daniel Associates, a landscape lighting company serving the East Coast, listed down these lighting suggestions to bring out the beauty of your outdoors:

Path Lighting: Walkways need the right light to guide anyone who passes by. You may choose from a variety of solar and LED lights that come in a range of styles, including posts, lanterns, and lamps.

For a more attractive appearance, install the lights lining the pathway. Avoid lights that are so bright as they may cause glare. Opt for subtle lights that go well with the walkways and the surrounding grass and plants.

Mood Lighting: You can use different kinds of outdoor lighting depending on the mood that you would like to create. To highlight your trees, you can hang decorative lanterns on them or opt for strings of colored lights wrapping their branches.

It is a common practice to place mood lights in tall trees to complement the moonlight, which brings about a dreamy ambiance to the outdoors. Make sure you have the lights placed on sturdy branches and that they’re well supported to avoid short circuit and other hazards.

Pool Lighting: Want to swim in and relax over calming blue water? Would you like to have a pool imitating a green pond for your love of nature? They’re possible with pool lighting.

You may use two lights that face each other to bring about a seamless look as a single light produces shadows, which makes any flaw at the bottom of the pool obvious. Furthermore, make sure that the light don’t shine directly to the face of your family and guests.

Need more expert advice on lighting your outdoors? Don’t hesitate to ask help from trusted landscape lighting companies such as Vernon Daniel. Our company has transformed many residential and commercial properties into a visual attraction with the right outdoor lighting. Just fill out our form to request a complimentary consultation.