Landscape Lighting: Learning the Basics

Outdoor lighting offers many benefits. With the right set of lights, you can transform your landscape into a visual entertainment. You can choose from a range of stunning outdoor lighting fixtures on the market. When picking out products for your home, remember that design comes hand in hand with functionality.

Vernon Daniel Associates, a residential exterior lighting provider in the East Coast, shares some lighting tips to help you achieve a more attractive and safe landscape:

Know the Basics
You can use different types of bulbs for your outdoor fixtures. Incandescent bulbs produce good light, but consume more energy and have a shorter life span. Fluorescents, on the other hand, last longer and are available in a variety of attractive colors. They are also more energy-efficient compared with incandescent lights.

Placement of Lights
The right placement of lights is important to the overall functionality of the lighting system. For entryways, it’s common to place lighting fixtures along the sides. However, a better option is to combine ambient lights with directional path lights within the landscape bed to create a natural look. To prevent glare, think about using downlights to illuminate pathways. For steps, it’s best to have the risers or treads lit. Low-voltage lighting is great for driveways.

You may also direct the attention of your guests and neighbors to certain parts of your landscape by grazing or washing it with light. For instance, you may create a wall wash by directing a wide beam of light towards the wall from a few feet away. This can produce dramatic shadows and highlights which can draw attention to nearby plants. Other outdoor features you may highlight are stacked stones and pillars.

Prevent Outdoor Light Pollution
Poorly installed lighting and use of too many lights may result in light pollution that may shine into your home or result in glare that can blind people temporarily.

To avoid this, consider your landscape layout. You should also use different types of lighting strategies, including crosslighting, downlighting, and uplighting. Furthermore, opt for low-wattage bulbs as higher wattage emit harsh light without enhancing the beauty and safety of your landscape. You may also control your outdoor lighting with timers, sensors, and dimmers to bring about a more balanced lighting system.

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