Landscape Lighting 101

Outdor lightning illuminates hazards to keep your family and guest safe ImageLandscape lighting is the art of creating a totally new perspective to a space at night. The San Francisco Gate enumerates the following advantages:

  1. Appearance –Your home’s appearance is greatly improved when the sun goes down.
  2. Functionality –Landscape lighting can make your outdoor spaces functional at night by allowing you to spend more time around your property.
  3. Home Security – Landscape lighting also serve as a security measure against robbers, vandals, and other criminals. It makes your home less of a target because it makes activity in the dark corners of your home visible.
  4. Personal Safety – Dark areas are always accident prone and having them illuminated can lessen the possibility of an mishap occurring.

For homes with a sizeable garden or a backyard, custom landscape lighting emphasizes the beauty of the property. These lighting systems can turn the property into a venue for parties and gatherings every guest would love.

In populated areas where there are people, even during the wee hours of the night, commercial landscape lighting serves as a signal that a business establishment is still open, and is still offering its services to interested customers during the late hours.

For those with pools, ponds, and fountains, landscape lighting not only contributes to and emphasizes the beauty of the area, it also helps reduce the occurrence of accidents around these slippery areas during dusk hours.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to invest in good lighting for your business establishment, or a homeowner looking to add flair into your garden, Vernon Daniel Associates can surely help you with your landscape design needs. We have access to the best products, and are experienced in installing power sources to illuminate an area, whether it’s big or small. We have installed lighting systems for our clients along the east coast from Maine to Florida, including properties in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

 (Article Excerpt and Image from The Advantages of Landscape Lighting, SF Gate)