How to Make Your Home Festive with Holiday Lights

Local news channels are already well into their holiday countdowns and malls and streets are starting to get really festive. Still think it’s too early to start preparing your home for the holidays? Think again!

One of the best (and easiest) ways to make your home extra festive is to use holiday lighting. You can hire a local landscape lighting company to make things easier for you or you could do it on your own. If you’re up for DIY-ing your holiday lights, follow these steps:

Step #1: Plan your design.

You may have caught the holiday decorating bug, but it would be a mistake to soldier on without a battle plan. Here are some key points to consider when planning your design:

  • Popular spots for holiday lighting:
  1. trees, bushes, and hedges
  2. eaves and rooflines
  3. posts, railings, and pillars
  4. door frames and windows
  5. windows and window boxes
  6. driveways
  7. walkways
  • If you want to install lighting along your roofline, consider the stability of your gutters, shingles, and/or fascia. Now isn’t the time to void any warranties!
  • Measure how much string lighting you will need before you go out to purchase anything. Remember to note the distance to the nearest power source.
  • While you’re free to put as many (or as few) twinkle lights as you want around your home, a rule of thumb is about a hundred lights for every 1 ½ feet of tree or shrub that you want to cover.

Step #3: Let there be light! (…but test everything first.)

  • Check that your extension cords are UL-approved for outdoor holiday lighting. Always read the package!
  • Check for frayed cords. Faulty wiring is a fire and electrocution hazard and can really ruin your holidays.
  • Make sure each bulb is working before you even begin to attach your lights.
  • Optional: Check that your lighting isn’t mismatched. Keep in mind that LED and incandescent bulbs don’t tend to give off the same color once they’re switched on.

Step #4: Secure your holiday lights.

  • Attach the lights one bulb at a time. An all-purpose light clip works wonders. You can hang a bulb upwards or downwards; what matters is that they are clipped in the right direction.
  • Remember that you can safely connect up to 25 LED string lights but only 3 to 6 incandescent string lights.

If all this seems a bit overwhelming to you, you can always ask our experts at Vernon Daniel Associates, one of the leading landscape lighting companies in the Eastern United States, for help. We would love to help you make your home merrier and brighter just in time for the holidays. Call us at 866-304-3002 today!