How landscape lighting makes resorts attractive

Hotels, resorts and other establishments earn high marks with their clients not just because of their service and amenities, but because of their established reputation and appearance.

Stronger than the storm campaign came too late to save the first post-Sandy summer Image

 People can be attracted to hotels and resorts due to their facade, which plays a very important role in bookings. Cleverly-designed exteriors guarantee consistent bookings, even at non-peak seasons. Owners of these establishments know very well that the demands of their guests come not only at daytime but also at night.

New Jersey is home to the famous Jersey Shore, a place that many tourists flock to all throughout the year. Fox News reports how tourism through the Jersey Shore contributed to the GDP of the state:

 Tourism accounted for $40.4 billion in economic activity last year, topping the previous record of nearly $40 billion set in 2012.

— Generated $35.9 billion of New Jersey’s gross domestic product in 2013, or 7 percent of the entire state economy. If New Jersey tourism were a company, its sales would rank No. 70 on the Fortune 500 list — bigger than Sears, DuPont and Hess.

— Directly or indirectly supports 511,000 jobs in New Jersey, about 1 out of every 10 jobs in the state.

— Generated $4.6 billion in state and local taxes, and $5.2 billion in federal taxes last year.

Landscape lighting companies like Vernon Daniel Associates greatly contribute to the high rate of tourist bookings in every hotel and resort. Illuminate a gazebo or any place and instantly it becomes an attraction. Landscape lighting helps guests feel secure as they walk through the property at night and it serves as a security measure against vandals and burglars.

Successful resorts and hotels rely only on a landscape lighting company that knows how to make a place all the more appealing to guests so that they will want to return again for their next trip. Vernon Daniel Associates can help you get the job done.

 (Article Excerpt and Image from NJ lt. gov says tourism broke record in ’13 despite Sandy, contradicting other reports, Fox News, March 20, 2014)