Home Décor: Top 5 Basic Exterior Lighting Concepts

Landscape lighting, for many homeowners, serves different purposes. The illumination it provides can accentuate and draw attention to the various areas, features, and ornaments of your garden or yard. More importantly, it provides the necessary light to brighten pathways for safety.

Here are the basic styles and placements you can consider before starting a project with a landscape lighting company:

1. Architectural Lighting: Lights can be strategically placed to highlight intricate lines in the yard or garden. When positioned in the right angle, they could create eye-catching shadows to emphasize your home’s architectural style. This is perfect if you have detailed cornices and sculpted trellises.

2. Path and Driveway Lighting: This type serves to light up a path in dark areas. Proper placement is critical to allow people to pass through safely. Lights can also be placed on the borders of plants to accentuate them as well as enhance nature’s ambiance.

3. Ambient Lighting: Depending on your chosen theme, this creates a certain feel and improves the mood of your garden. To boost the style of your yard, you can choose either warm or cool lights to place near gazebos, huts, or swings.

4. Center Lighting: This gives focus to certain areas and home additions, such as your veranda, where you can lounge around even at night. You can also place spotlights in playgrounds or on fountains and figurines.

5. Pool Lighting: A swimming pool with illuminating lights is great for a night dip. Because your choice of the lights’ color is reflected in the water’s color, you have to make sure that the hue complements the theme of your pool area.

Lighting specialists are very particular about the positioning of light to prevent glare. Poorly installed lighting is said to create outdoor light pollution. This can reflect into the indoor area, producing flares that can strain the eyes.

Landscape lighting companies, such as Vernon Daniel Associates, can help you design and install a custom outdoor lighting system. Call us today for more information or a consultation.