We utilize high quality, long lasting fixture hardware in all our lighting installations. In coastal areas, our lighting designs often include copper, brass, and composite fixture components.

Intimate garden settings are a specialty of ours. Too often small garden settings are too bright. A few carefully positioned fixtures highlighting select landscape or architectural fixtures can create a beautiful effect while maintaining the charm of a small garden setting.

It is a good time to begin discussing distribution of electrical power during the planning and construction of your home. As landscape designs are developed, we can develop our lighting design.

Our fixtures are fully adjustable and include glare control shields. These features allow our installation crews to be very precise in directing fixtures to light specific areas of the garden.

We would be happy to design and install a custom lighting system for your residence. Regarding your interest in enhancing your landscape, we can provide names of several award winning landscape architects and designers in your area with whom we work closely.

We have highly trained maintenance crews available to keep your lighting system in excellent condition. We also maintain an extensive inventory of fixture components in our warehouses and our work vehicles.

We do not use subcontractors to install our lighting fixtures. Our lighting designs are installed by employees of Vernon Daniel Associates.

The lamps we use in our lighting systems are long life and energy efficient. Many of the lamps we use have an average life of five years or more.

Over the past forty years, we have had the privilege to work closely with many landscape architects and designers and often are referred to projects by them. Our approach is very flexible as we can work directly with the homeowner, designer, or all together as a team.

Our fixtures are painted to blend with plant foliage and are concealed in the landscape and in trees. Our goal is to provide our clients a beautiful evening setting that is quite natural and replicates the feeling of a moonlit evening.

We work closely with each client to design a lighting system that meets their budget requirements. Since the budgets of our systems are based on the equipment used, we can tailor our design to a client’s budget. Typically, our projects begin at $3,000 for small gardens and increase according to the scope of the project.