Emphasize your home’s beauty with exterior lighting

Elegance and tranquility is what a garden delivers to any home. The garden brings our home closer to nature and appeals to our artistic sensibilities. It is a place for many activities: to exercise, to learn, to socialize and to be able to express ourselves. That is why many of us invest heavily to improve it along with the rest of the home’s exterior. Take for example this woman from Great Falls Virginia who went out of her way to bring an air of new life to her home:

[the] goal was to create a space that was at once tranquil and invigorating, but also respected the home’s architectural features, including stonework and wood siding…

“Although the porch is covered, we needed to select materials that could withstand moisture and sun exposure… And considering the large quantity of cushions on the porch, it was prudent to select upholstery fabrics that would not become tiresome after a season or two.”

The upholstered cushions were crafted from outdoor fabrics made of 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic. The main seating area is accessorized with custom-sized, flat-woven, polypropylene area rugs by Couristan.

Now, let us ask you, what good is a fancy porch or a fancy balcony, without the view to match? The best way to complement your luxurious home and add appeal is with a garden that utilizes residential exterior lighting from landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to accentuate the beauty of your garden. Imagine having a moonlit dinner party in your garden. The illumination from these landscape lights will provide the ambiance befitting of such an event.

The company that knows how to match any design with custom landscape lighting is Vernon Daniel & Associates, as we have worked on dozens of homes with different architectural designs. We are the ones that can provide you with the lights that will make your house stand out. For the elegance that only exterior lights can provide, contact us today.

(Article Excerpt from A Porch with a View, http://www.greatfallsconnection.com/, June 11, 2014)