Deter Thieves With Exterior Lights Around Your Home

In Milford, Connecticut, there was an incident involving the vandalism and burglary, according to this report from

Milford police are investigating after thieves ransacked 15 vehicles and burned six of them.

They say it happened overnight on Mayflower Place, Breakneck Lane and Carlson Drive.

Investigators say most of the vehicles were unlocked, and they are urging homeowners to lock their vehicles

Police say they are sending out an alert to Milford residents on Monday night using telephone, text and email to find out if anyone has information about the crimes.

As thieves are getting more brazen in their attempts, it becomes necessary to invest in security systems like cameras and alarms. One more thing that may help you deter these criminals would be outdoor lighting.

Criminals are enticed by dark areas because they feel that they can’t be seen. Installing exterior lights might make them think otherwise before attempting to burglarize your home.

Landscape lighting companies like Vernon Daniel & Associates, provide lighting for outdoor fixtures so you can illuminate the darker areas of your property to give you the sense of security you and your family deserve.

Make those thieves think twice before targeting your home with brand new landscape lighting fixtures. With over 40 years of experience in installing exterior lights, we’ve worked on properties of different shapes and sizes, designs and landscapes, and if you choose us to work on your home, you know you will be in good hands. Vernon Daniel is a landscape lighting company that cares about the safety and beauty of our customers’ homes. Take away the shroud of darkness that makes your home susceptible to criminals, contact us for more information on exterior lights today.

(Article Excerpt from Cars on Mayflower Place, Breakneck Lane and Carlson Drive in Milford burglarized, burned,, June 16, 2014)