Bring Magic into Your Yard with Outdoor Lighting

Soft lighting in a dark outdoor space works like magic. It lends your yard a warm atmosphere that invites you to spend time outside. It also adds character and drama and sets the mood in an otherwise bland outdoor space.

Create the kind of residential exterior lighting that will leave onlookers in awe with help from Vernon Daniel Associates. In this article, we discuss some lighting ideas and ideal points to highlight in your yard.

Paths and Driveways

Lighting along paths and driveways is actually required—it makes walking more secure and discourages potential intruders. Providing illumination in those areas also extends hospitality to your guests. High illumination isn’t imperative, and you may opt to use downlights to prevent glare. Individually lit pavers are also perfect for lighting pathways. On the other hand, low-voltage landscape lighting is a viable option along driveways.

Architectural Features

When you own a beautiful home, it is more effective to highlight the architecture instead of the trees or pathways. Use outdoor landscape lighting to highlight pillars or columns, or a wall. You can try creating a wall wash by aiming a wide beam of light at a wall from a few feet away. You can also create interesting highlights and shadows by using light to graze the walls.

Unique Features

Use lighting to draw attention to interesting elements in your outdoor space such as trellises, pergolas, and gazebos. You can also install interesting lighting in specific task areas on a deck or patio. Lighting can be perfect in a kitchen or cooking spot, as well as railings and seating areas. Ask professional landscape lighting companies to install uplighting, as it is harder to accomplish outside.

Choosing the right exterior lighting for your home is an exciting yet challenging activity. Hiring the experts from Vernon Daniel Associates removes the guesswork from landscape lighting. We take care of your entire project, from creating the perfect design to the installation. Our in-house team of professionals brings more than 40 years of industry experience to the table, so you are sure to get nothing less than stunning results.

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