9 Common Outdoor Lighting Questions Answered by the Pros

Outdoor lighting fixtures are great ways to highlight landscaped gardens. They can also illuminate pathways and driveways for safer navigation, as well as add curb appeal to any home.

Landscape Lighting

To help you make the right decision for your custom landscape lighting, Vernon Daniel Associates answers the top nine questions about outdoor lighting:

1. Do you have fixtures that can withstand harsh coastal weather conditions?

We only use long-lasting and quality fixtures in every installation. For coastal areas, we offer copper, brass, and composite fixtures so they can stand strong against any element.

2. If my home is under construction, is it the right time to plan landscape lighting?

We can improve your own lighting design as the landscaping develops. Construction is also a good time to plan because we can discuss the distribution of electrical power.

3. Can you work directly with landscape architects?

We have over 40 years of experience working with the top architects and designers. Our approach is very flexible. We can work with you, the designer, or altogether as a team.

4. Do you provide landscape lighting for small gardens?

Intimate garden setting is one of our specialties. We can help you create a charming garden by carefully positioning fixtures to highlight the landscaping or architectural features.

5. Since I have a small lot, can you install fixtures without any light spilling onto my neighbor’s home?

We install fully adjustable fixtures with glare control shields. Together, these only light specific areas of your garden.

6. I need to upgrade my landscaping and lighting fixtures. Can you do both?

We will be happy to design and install a custom lighting system for your garden. We can also refer award-winning architects and designers in your area to help you with your landscaping issues.

7. Do you provide maintenance after installation?

We can keep your lighting system in great condition. We have a backup inventory of fixture components if ever you are in need of repair.

8. Will I expect frequent lamp burnouts?

No, since our lamps are both long lasting and energy-efficient. You can expect a lifespan of five years or more.

9. I do not want visible landscape fixtures during the day. How can you achieve that?

As a reliable landscape lighting company, our goal is to provide you with beautiful evening settings. That is why we paint our fixtures to blend with foliage. We conceal these in landscapes and in trees, so these will not be noticeable during daytime.

Many homeowners and business owners alike have trusted us with their outdoor lighting needs. Our specialization sets us apart from other companies, prompting various newspapers and magazines to feature us.

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