7 Landscape Lighting Concepts to Enhance Your Exterior

You repaired your roof, installed new windows and repainted your doors. Yet somehow, your property still lacks that certain something that makes it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood: outdoor lighting. With the right lighting, your home can look great even when dark has fallen. Call a trusted landscape lighting company to help you try the following concepts.

1. Walkway Lighting

Surprise visitors with an illuminated walkway that leads to the patio or your front door. Remember to use staggered light fixtures to make walking safer.

2. Layered Step Lights

Install several layers of lighting fixtures to play up depth and dimension. Install layered lights on your front steps to guide guests securely into your home.

3. Low Lighting

Avoid installing isolated glaring lights. They’re aesthetically unappealing and create dark areas that are unsafe. Instead, opt for scattered fixtures that use low levels of lighting for security-friendly appeal.

4. Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Outdoor lights look especially attractive flanking entry doors. They can highlight glass details and the beautiful framing on single or double doors. Place them high up to make your exterior safer and more welcoming to visitors.

5. Accent Lighting

Install fixtures that highlight certain elements of your landscape. Beautifully colored shrubbery or standout trees make good subjects for accent lighting. Perhaps there’s a great-looking wall or siding you want your guests to see. Accent lights also cast soft shadows that further beautify your property.

6. Accent Lighting: Outdoor Art

Art pieces also make great subjects for outdoor lighting. For example, shifting shadows change the way sculptures can be viewed at night.

7. Combination Lights

Do you have a gazebo or pergola out back? Use multiple light fixtures to illuminate these structures as you would your indoor living space. This works for cooking stations as well as outdoor seating areas.

Landscape lighting is an art, and you should trust true artists when it comes to installing it. Turn to Vernon Daniel Associates for all your outdoor lighting needs. We’re one of the finest and most experienced landscape lighting companies in the area, and will help you plan and install the lighting concept that works best for your home.

Before we begin a project, we do a design consultation at no cost to you. Call us at (866) 304-3002 to schedule yours.