6 Exterior Lighting Styles for a More Beautiful Home

Exterior lighting adds drama to your home—the good, beautiful kind of drama. It can transform your house into an eye-catching sight in your neighborhood. With different lights, you can illuminate the different areas of your home, so you can work well and keep your family and guests safe from possible accidents due to poor outdoor visibility.

From us at Vernon Daniel, your landscape lighting company serving the East Coast from Maine to Florida, here are some lighting styles to make your outdoors more appealing:

Use Path Lighting: Lead your friends and visitors to your front door with lights set along your walkway. To bring about a pleasing ambiance, choose non-glaring fixtures with soft lights, directing most of the light downward. Do not place your lights in a straight line though. Doing so may make your garden look like an airport runway.

Spread Out Lanterns: Choose permanently fixed electric lanterns to define outdoor areas. They work best in fence posts and pillars. You can also place them throughout your patio to create some warmth.

Place Pendants: You can bring the beauty and charm of your indoors outside your home with pendant lights. Depending on your preferences, you may choose pendant lighting that gives a rustic, classic, or modern vibe. When installing heavy wrought-iron fixtures, remember that they require regular to prevent the frame from deteriorating due to the elements.

Use Track Spotlight: This is an economical way to light task-oriented areas. Whether you want to have an outdoor reading nook, workstation, or kitchen, track spotlights will make it easier for you to work outdoors.

Pick Solar Light: This is a cost-effective lighting option, as it doesn’t need wiring and electricity. You may simply place it in a sunny area and it will light up automatically when evening comes.

Go Low Voltage: If you want to brighten a shady area along your walkway, you may choose low-voltage lighting. It is an easy and affordable solution for lighting a path and highlighting your lush greens.

To help you choose the lighting styles apt for your home, consult outdoor landscape lighting companies such as Vernon Daniel. We’ve been serving homes across Maryland, New York, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Feel free to call us at 866-304-3002 to schedule a free consultation.