5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Our outdoor living spaces deserve no less attention can be enhanced several times over if we’d only make outdoor lighting choices that are as compelling as our indoor lighting. Consider installing outdoor ceiling lights to add drama to your patio or deck area, or floor lighting for your pathways, pool house or pergola. On a lovely summer’s day, won’t it just be wonderful to have the option of moving your dining and entertaining outdoors, without having to stumble around in candlelight? And won’t it just be grand to have outdoor lighting that remains impervious to harsh weather conditions?

If you’re in the market for outdoor landscape lighting for your home, here are five lighting tips that you will need to keep in mind:

1. Each home is different, so lighting for your landscape ought to be custom-designed. Pick your landscaper and landscape lighting company carefully; keep in mind that there’s likely only a very short list of landscape lighting companies with years of experience and great track records to choose from. Look at samples of previous work and see if the designs appeal to you. Make sure to discuss what you do and don’t like and don’t be afraid to share your vision of what you want for your home’s exteriors. Take the team approach to ensure that your design elements work together in harmony.

2. Remember that your home exteriors ought to look as good from the indoors as from the outdoors. After all, you’ll be inside looking out most of the time. Properly placed exterior lighting should help expand your interior spaces and make them feel larger.

3. Avoid glare. Glare can ruin the way anyone experiences an outdoor space. Keep lighting subtle and subdued; use shielded exterior fixtures and follow the general principle of allowing only decorative fixtures to be seen.

4. If you’re working with large trees and a rather expansive landscape, then line voltage lighting systems are your best bet. Note, however, that design and installation of these systems need to be done by lighting professionals as the job can be rather complex. In return, you can count on your lighting having a long operational life and being energy efficient.

5. Choose LED lighting over other types of lighting. Not only is it more energy efficient, LED lasts much longer. Moreover, LED sources can keep your plants looking healthy; when dimmed, LED does not change color, unlike yellow lights which can make your green plants look sickly.

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