4 Outdoor Lighting Projects to Add to Your 2015 To-Do List

If there’s one thing we learned in 2014, it’s that a little change goes a long way. One of our favorite little changes? Outdoor lighting.

The best features of your home during the day could get lost in the shadows when dark starts to fall. Outdoor lighting works the other way. It’s a subtle but effective way to bring attention to your home’s architecture during the night. It can be made to replicate moonlight to give your landscape a soft, peaceful glow. A well-executed outdoor lighting system is meant to impress your guests even before they pull into your driveway.

This 2015, make it a point to knock the socks off your guests’ feet when they come visit you after dark. Here are four exterior lighting projects to discuss with landscape lighting companies:

  1. Install path lights. Illuminate the walkway leading up to your front door. Typically, lights mounted on stakes or posts can be used, but you can go for any style you want. Try not to put the lights all in a straight line. You don’t want your lawn looking like an airport runway.

Here’s a tip: Use low-voltage lights for a soft, nonglaring effect.

  1. Spotlight a tree. It’s all about the drama! Use spotlights or well lights to make a specimen tree or shrubbery stand out in your yard. Uplights emphasize the texture of tree trunks and cast a perfect moonlit glow on the foliage.
  1. Improve front door lighting. Give your guests a warm welcome before they even step inside your home! Install entry lights that play up your home’s architecture and amply illuminate stairs or other potential hazards.

Here’s another tip: If you can, light up the house number as well. This will help guests and emergency responders alike when they need to find your home at nighttime.

  1. Add deck lighting. The deck is best enjoyed when dark is just starting to fall. Set the mood with soft lights from translucent panels when you entertain guests. Use flush-mounted lights to illuminate steps: they can be safely walked on and won’t get damaged.

BONUS TIP: Some lights are more difficult to install than others. For more elaborate or extensive lighting projects, we suggest you leave the job to a professional landscape lighting company to ensure expert installation and safety.

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