4 Common Spaces That Need Custom Outdoor Lighting

At night, it isn’t unusual for guests and personnel at hotels, restaurants, and other commercial establishments to gravitate towards well-lit areas when they’re outdoors. It’s an issue of comfort and convenience as much as it is an instinct for safety.

This is why custom landscape lighting is a must-have on commercial properties. It increases security, creates a more welcoming atmosphere for guests and clients, and maximizes the use of the commercial space. It’s a huge waste of beautifully manicured grounds, after all, if everyone is forced to head indoors shortly after the sun sets. But which spaces in particular stand to benefit the most from outdoor lighting?

Space #1: Entrances

No storefront, restaurant, or hotel is complete without a well-thought-out and beautifully designed entrance that gives visitors a hint of what’s in store for them once they come in. A well-lit entrance is good for business because it draws the eye and invites guests to come look.

Space #2: Paths and Walkways

Commercial property owners spend a lot of money on pathways that work seamlessly with the landscape, but these will all go to waste at night without illumination. Worse yet is if a dim pathway connects busy areas of a commercial space—it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Space #3: Stairs

Stairs can be a safety hazard even in broad daylight. Without adequate lighting to guide ascending or descending guests and personnel, stairways would quickly turn into real accident-prone areas.

Space #4: Outdoor Lounges and Common Areas

Hotels, restaurants, and cafes often have patios, gazebos, and outdoor lounges and pool areas that require lighting not just for safety and convenience, but also for ambience. The kind of lighting that would best suit these areas would depend on what they’re generally used for (e.g. dining, dancing, casual meetings).

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