10 Great Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Landscape lighting is a dramatic way to up your home exterior’s game. Proper lighting can make your house appear brighter and more elegant. Lighting your landscape will highlight your home’s façade and surroundings, impressing visitors and passersby alike. Vernon Daniel Associates is one of the most trusted landscape lighting companies in the East Coast. Here, we offer some of the most gorgeous lighting tricks that would make your landscape stand out:

  1. A whole line of LED lighting can make your landscape appear modern and fresh. Adding lights under your floating steps can make your lawn or garden more aesthetically appealing.
  2. Place landscape lights near plants and flowers. This adds texture to the landscape and charm to your exterior.
  3. If you have a pool or a lake, you can place yellow lighting on or around it to make it appear more calm and serene.
  4. Place landscape lighting on tree planters. This gives gorgeous illumination and can make your exterior appear brighter and well-lit.
  5. Put lights underneath the benches in your garden or patio. Doing this can create an impression of warmth, making the area cozier and more inviting.
  6. Add landscape lighting onto your exterior walls. This can brighten up the whole outdoor space, making it appear calmer and fresher.
  7. Add lights to your roof’s eaves. This can add a dramatic effect to your whole exterior.
  8. Add lights to a waterfall in your garden. You can use rope lighting to achieve this, as they are durable and encased in plastic.
  9. Add enough lighting on your walkway to make it appear brighter. You can also add lights by the steps toward your door to illuminate the way.
  10. Use lanterns to add more character and flair to your landscape.

Let Vernon Daniel Associates spruce up your exterior with our expertise and dedication to improving homes through lighting. To learn more about us, a landscape lighting company that’s trusted by many, contact us or visit our page today.